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The Camphill Movement

Pennine is part of the Camphill Movement.  The Camphill Movement creates community settings where children, young people and adults, many with learning disabilities, can live, learn and work together in an atmosphere of mutual co-operation, care and respect.

Camphill is inspired from ideas of Rudolf Steiner and developed by Karl König, the founder of Camphill.  It is based on the spiritual uniqueness of each person, regardless of their differences.

There are three principles that underpin life at Camphill communities. These are:

  • A cultural life encompassing education and learning, appreciation of the arts and music, concern for the land and the environment and the fostering of mutual understanding. There is an emphasis on on life being a continuous path of learning.
  • A community social life recognising the special qualities of each individual and the celebration of festivals. Sharing in this brings everyone together as as equals in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.
  • An economic life in which work is carried out according to the needs of others. Everyone’s contribution is valued irrespective of ability.

At Pennine these approaches create the social environment in which the student’s education and development takes place. The students are members of the community in which everyone is treated with the same respect and dignity, and each participates in life according to his or her possibilities. This participation gives a sense of dignity and encourages a responsible and mature attitude towards life in the young person.

To find out more about the Camphill Movement, visit the Association of Camphill Communities at www.camphill.org.uk.


We would like to thank all the people who visited our fundraising event on Saturday the 18th of May.

We raised over £600 to contribute towards replacing our Polytunnel.

We hope you enjoyed your visit!