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Craft Workshops

Craft work is an important activity within Pennine’s curriculum, helping co-ordination, developing perseverance and enhancing self-esteem.

In the workshops students develop the ability to undertake training and receive instruction, and learn to take responsibility for their own work. Learning to work on one’s own and also as part of a team are integral parts of this process. Students are also continually assessed by those skilled in the craft activities for making progress in learning particular skills. As in the work areas, the co-workers are not just teachers, but are enablers.

The items produced in the craft workshops, with the exception of TfSR, are used in the houses or are sold (at Pennine’s Summer Fair or Advent Fair, or elsewhere).

Students work on the looms to produce beautiful woven fabric. This is made up into various garments and other items such as pencil cases and bags.

Students in the weavery sometimes do silk paintings — these are often made into cards. They also make felt with wool from our own sheep, and make felt pictures.

In the woodwork shop students learn the relevant techniques to produce wide variety of items, such as bird houses, trivets, toast tongs, picture frames and candle holders.

Using a variety of different techniques, students weave baskets in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. As well as shopping baskets and laundry baskets, they produce house-plant supports and other useful items.

Students in the pottery use various different techniques to produce many different beautiful and functional items.

A small group at Pennine refurbish tools in the TfSR workshop.


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