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Pennine is a Camphill Community that supports a Specialist College, as well as several other activities and organisations: Tools for Self Reliance, Wakefield Riding for the Disabled and Willing Workers on Organic Farms.

Wakefield Riding for the Disabled is based at Pennine, and many of the Pennine students ride and learn to care for the horses.

Wakefield RDA has 8 horses and ponies of various sizes and is able to offer both riding and carriage driving for people who have disabilities.

We are one of over 500 groups catering for over 25,000 riders nationally. Groups and individuals come from all over the Wakefield District.

Volunteering for Wakefield RDA

Wakefield RDA relies on the input and support of volunteers — people who want to share in the fun and excitement and be part of the environment that brings horses and people together for such great benefit.

We need volunteers with a wide range of skills — not just those who help with riding or carriage driving, but also fund raisers, committee members and people to help with a bit of DIY.

We need help even for as little as one hour every week. We will show you what to do and maybe even provide you with coffee and biscuits! If you would like to help, please phone 01924 241341 or e-mail enquiries@wrda.org.uk

Latest news

For the latest RDA news go to www.wakefieldrda.typepad.co.uk.

TfSR is a national charity which was set up in 1979 as a practical way to support working people in some of the poorest parts of the world.

A small group at Pennine have started a Wakefield group refurbishing tools. We welcome newcomers, whatever skills you may offer. Please contact us at Pennine if interested.

We receive donated tools at Pennine but also have a collection point in Wakefield (Household Recycling Centre, Wakefield Transfer Station, Denby Dale Road Wakefield WF2 7AH).

In Africa

Tools for Self Reliance

Contributes to poverty reduction by enabling people to proactively secure employment and an income which they can use to look after themselves and their families.

Works in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and Zambia

Works with African partner organisations in these countries to provide people with tools and training, and to identify additional support such as micro-finance.

Focuses on marginalised people such as youth who have not had schooling opportunities, single parents, those living with HIV/AIDS, people with disabilities and those living in rural areas where few formal job opportunities exist.

Gives beneficiaries the chance of employment enable them to improve their diets, send their children to school, pay for health care and improve their homes, while simultaneously improving their confidence and self esteem.

In the UK

Provides volunteering opportunities for hundreds of volunteers throughout the UK who work with us to support our programme in Africa.

Volunteers collect and refurbish donated tools, give talks about our work and help raise funds.

Volunteers themselves also benefit in different ways: having a sense of purpose, learning new skills or passing on skills learnt over a lifetime, and making new friends.

Volunteering also helps some people to cope with life-changing events such as unemployment, retirement and bereavement.

TfSR, Netley Marsh, Southampton, SO40 7GY
Tel +44 (0)23 8086 9697; Fax +44 (0)23 8086 8544
E-mail info@tfsr.org
Web www.tfsr.org

A great organisation that has helped us over a number of years. (Thank you to everyone who has lent us a hand at Pennine in that time!)

Click here to read an article on WWOOFbury 2005, a collaborative venture between WWOOF and Pennine Camphill Community and attended by some 30 WWOOFers.

WWOOF is committed to supporting organic growers and farmers. By becoming a member (£15), you receive a bi-monthly newsletter and a list of farms and small holdings that require extra help. Voluntary organisers will put you in touch and support both the farms and helpers.
WWOOF Newsletter
Pumpkin harvest

You receive a bi-monthly copy of this publication when joining WWOOF UK. Interesting articles and feedback not forgetting the small ads that Pennine Community frequently places.

To join WWOOF UK please write to
PO Box 2675
BN7 1RB, UK.

International WWOOF

International WWOOF is a new organisation that can help new WWOOFers find farms in countries other than their own. However, if you want to WWOOF in your own country it’s often best to contact your own country’s WWOOF organisation direct.

Click here to visit the WWOOF International website.

Local people helping to make our area a better place to live Making a locality into a community has many ingredients. In our case what began as local people getting together to protect a green space has developed into an association where both local fun activities and local concerns can be shared.

All residents of Newmillerdam and the surrounding areas are welcome to join in any event or make suggestions. Contact details are available, by telephone or via the website and we are hoping to have a community notice board in place during this year.